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 Sponsor my swim and

 YOUR DONATION will go directly 

 Towards reseach to

 Find a Cure for Epilepsy


How can you Help?  By becoming a sponsor. This will work just like a walk-a-thon, except I will swim instead of walk.  I have committed to swim every day for the month of October 2014. Diana Nyad, I am not. So, I generally swim a mile or a little more per day. On the weekends, I tend to swim two to four miles over both days.  Please remember, my goal is to raise as much as I can. The more I swim, the more I raise. Therefore, I will try to exceed my typical daily swims everyday. I will likely swim somewhere between 30 and 50 miles.


All donations will go directly to the Epilepsy Foundation of America


You can pledge to sponsor me in two ways, by distance or with a one time fixed donation. (The pledge forms are at the botton righthand side of this page)


You can sponsor me by meter, by lap or by mile.  To give you some perspective, a mile is 1650 meters. In a 25 meter pool, this is 33 laps. If one was to sponsor me by lap, the calculation would look like this.


33 laps/mile X 30 miles= 990 laps  990laps X $.10/lap= $99


This is a good question. This is a very low-budget operation. So, I will not have a volunteer witness to watch me everyday and count laps. However, I use a swimwatch that keeps track for me. The watch is called the Swimsense and it made by Finis. The watch also records what stroke I am using, how many strokes and the total time and length of the swim.


This information is then downloaded into my computer and onto an online cloud-based program on the Finis website. I will keep track of this every two days on the website and, if anyone would like, I will be happy to produce these records to confirm my efforts.

I will be swimming from
October 1 - October 31 at the
Westover Hills Club in Northwest Hills, Austin, Texas.

If you wish to make a fixed donation now, you can press the red "Donate Now Online" button below, and you will be taken to an online donation page where you can make your donation via credit card or PayPal.


If you wish to sponsor me by distance, please use one of the two pledge methods below.

At the end of October when I have finished my swim, I will contact you with the final figures on the total distance(s) of my swim. From there, you will calculate your donation based upon your pledge. You can then make your pledge online, or make a check payable to The Epilepsy Foundation. Put in the memo line "A Cause For A Swim," and send it to me at the following address:


A Cause For A Swim

c/o Michael Antenora

200 East Live Oak Street, Suite 1A

Austin, Texas 78704.

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