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Individual and Family Donors


I personally wish to thank and acknowledge the following people and families that have generously pledged to sponsor me on my swim fundraising challenge. Their pledge is per meter, per lap, per mile or they have chosen to donate a one-time fixed donation.

Michael & Sarah Antenora & Family

Steve Brown

Shawn Hinckley

Mark Antenora

Amy Antenora

Gary Jaster

Sally Fly and John Nyfeler

Mary Antenora

Joe Yakubik

Jim and Alexa Knight

Jeff Smith

Chris Ellis

Nicholas Tys

Ed B Wallace AIA

Brad Lingvai

Mandy Pope

Jenee Arthur

Mary Van Wisse Phd

Elizabeth Humphrey

Adam & Katie Fike

Stefanie Schiesser

Lynn Yeldell

Rita Yakubik

Stephen Sharpe

Gary Payne


Harley Blackburn

Stephen & Michelle Drake


Jerry Doyle

Bill Davies

Kirsten Cutshall


Kacy Dolce

Lisa Tipps

Brett Burich

Pony Allen

April Clark AIA

Laura Sherman AIA

Jeff Smith

Dan Donihoo and Family

Kevin Koch

Lisa & Tom Evans

Danny Roth

Gary & Beck Keil

Catherine Manley

Chip McCormick

Randy Allen

Eric Workman

Beto Boggiano

Brian Gearinger & Dr. Jane Yang MD


Chuck Naeve and Pat Brockie

Matt Ryan

Wes Wigginton

Hallie Bowie

Christian & Jen Helms

Vincent Duffy

Michele Nelson

John Gray

Shelly Rosales

Morris Hoover AIA

Marti Ring

Jim Jimmerson

Brian Ott ASLA

Hector Inga

Philip Keil

Rita Harris

John Rosato

Karen Fienberg

Michelle Worrell

Alisa Weldon

Suzanne Leggett

Scott Minghenelli

Norman and Marianne Duffy & Clan

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